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quality-based, science and ...

quality-based, science and technology pioneer, abide by the law


Peace, integrity, cleanlines...

Peace, integrity, cleanliness, science and technology, innovation.create first-class product quality, create first-class technical support, create first-class star service, forge first-class talent team, 


unity, efficiency, strictness, innovation

unity, efficiency, strictness, innovation


Create a first-class intern...

Create a first-class international supplierof new Chemical materials.Guiding the development of China PU industryto a green future.create opportunities for employees, create wealth for shareholders, create benefits for customers,create value for the society


  • 2018


    In july 2018, Shandong HuaDa Chemical New Materials co , LTD was established (wholly owned and controlled by HuaDa Chemical group)

  • 2016


    In march 2016, HuaDa Chemical (AnHui) co , LTD was established (wholly owned and controlled

  • 2015


    In march 2015,HuaDa Chemical (YanTai) co , LTD was established (wholly owned and controlled

  • 2014


    In 2014, HuaDa Chemical co , LTD was awarded the honor of "twenty brilliant years of polyurethan...

  • 2013


    In July 2013, "YanTai HuaDa Chemical industry co , LTD " was renamed "HuaDa Chemical group co , LTD "

  • 2012


    In 2012,the company was awarded as "China s top ten leather enterprises ", and in the same...

  • 2011


    In 2011, it was awarded as "famous trademark of shandong province " by shandong administration for

  • 2009


    In 2009, JiangSu HuaDa new material co , LTD Was established (YanTai HuaDa holdings)

  • 2008


    Holding YanTai daocheng Chemical co , LTD

  • 2007


    In 2007,the company was recognized as "shandong high-tech enterprise " by shandong science and technology department

  • 2006


    In 2006,the company was awarded the title of "advanced unit of enterprise culture construction of provincial light textile tobacco trade union system " in shandong province

  • 2005


    In 2005,Zhejiang HuaDa resin co , LTD was established (YanTai HuaDa holdings)

  • 2004


    In 2004,we successfully restructured into a private company

  • 2003


    In 2003, YanTai wanhua group acquired all the shares of DIC, and the company became a wholly

  • 2000


    In 2000, the company successfully passed ISO9000 quality management system certification, and became the early enterprise in the same industry to pass the certification

  • 1995


    In 1995,the company was selected as the 27th place in the "top 30 foreign-invested star enterprises in shandong province "

  • 1994


    In 1994, the company s products were awarded "quality trustworthy products of YanTai " by YanTai product quality supervision and inspection institute

  • 1993


    In1993,YanTai Synthetic Leather Factory and Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc (DIC) joint venture to create YanTai Chemical industrial co , LTD

  • 1990


    In 1990,The resin branch of YanTai synthetic leather general factory was established

  • 1986


    In 1986,a resin workshop was built in YanTai synthetic leather factory

  • 1983


    In 1983,the polyester polyol unit of YanTai synthetic leather factory was successfully put into trial run

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